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By Tom Del Beccaro, on Jan 5, 2015


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Americans Need To Stop Disbelieving The Terrorists

Top Story:  Obama Says World Should Address "Grievances" Terrorists Exploit

My Thoughts:   The rise of ISIS has nothing to do with economic concerns.  Their desires are purely theological and totalitarian.  They reject modern economies.

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The President presented a rosy view of America in his State of the Union address. To do that, he either stretched the truth or took credit for things his policies didn’t foster.

Here is the truth of the matter.

1. Lower Unemployment Rate/11 million new jobs. The published unemployment rate is now a meaningless figure. If the same labor force participation rate existed as when he took office, the unemployment rate would be 9.9% not below 6%. The 11 million number is a not net number – it doesn’t include lost jobs during the same period. It’s a phony number. Conclusion. True unemployment is historically very high and Obama is stretching the truth and his policies have failed by historical standards.

2. Free of the grip of Foreign Oil/Booming energy production. The private sector has reduced our dependence on foreign oil – not government. Energy production is booming on private land not on government land. Indeed, Obama’s EPA has fought the private sector all the way. Conclusion: Obama is taking credit for things the private sector did and he tried to defeat.

3. Combat missions over in Afghanistan. It is true that much of our forces left. However, the mission was not completed and thousands of troops remain. Conclusion. The unwary could conclude that his words mean the mission was completed and we left. Obama is being deceptive at best.

4. Growing Economy/Wages rising. It is true that the economy is growing. But, as Obama’s Federal Reserve Chair has said, it is an uneven recovery. Over 50% of the nation is living paycheck to paycheck. Wages actually fell in the last report. Conclusion: a true recovery has not reached much of America. Obama is not telling the truth.

5. 10 Million uninsured Americans got health insurance. That may be how many have signed on to some aspect of Obamacare - but that doesn’t mean they were previously uninsured. The number of uninsured has remained basically the same despite 5 years since it passed. Conclusion. Obama is using a deceptive number and America doesn’t like Obamacare.

6. Middle Class Economics Works. Actually, there is no such term and the middle class is being hurt the most by his policies. Conclusion: A ridiculous comment if there ever was.

7. Tax Increase. Creating a tax code that worsens the divide between those that pay and those that don’t is bad economics and foments class warfare. That tax increase would drive the economy down and result in more unemployment. Class warfare, meanwhile, destroys civilizations – it doesn’t lift them up.

8. “Our diplomacy is at work with respect to Iran.” The policy toward Iran is a near total failure. To be sure, Iran is a very difficult problem not of his original making. The closer relations between Iran and Russia, as embodied by the new accord signed between the two today, demonstrates the continuing failure of his policies. Iran could restart is nuclear program unfettered almost at any time. Sanctions brought Iran to the table. They will not be detrimental if they are increased.

9. American leadership is working to destroy ISIL/Use of Force. Tell that to those being slaughtered. He asked tonight for Congressional approval to use force? However, he has been using for months and their on troops on the ground for a war in Iraq he said he ended - and, oh BTW - they are a far higher danger than climate change.

10. Opposing Russian Aggression. Really? They have the land they want.

Despite his claims, America is more divided than ever before. We fight over our larger government at every turn. His policies have only increased that division.

Finally, the applause given to him was among the most tepid I have ever seen for a State of the Union. Obama's speaking and speaking and speaking has lost its charm. Obviously, Congress doesn’t believe him either.

My Thought For Today - Common Sense & Taxes

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Sep 8, 2012

Pls share- It's Common Sense these laws of economics: The more something costs, the less of it you get or is sold. Less expensive cars generally outsell more expense cars - More Fords/less Porsches. That applies to all things: drapes, food, JOBS & INCOME. 

The higher the cost to hire, i.e. excessive workers comp costs, generally the less hiring is done. 

The Power to Mandate - Why You Should Deplore Roberts' Decision

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Jul 1, 2012

The Power to Mandate

Why You Should Deplore Roberts' Decision

by Thomas Del Beccaro

The United States was a nation of laws. Unlike any other Country, we began with a Constitution that set firm boundaries – not for us – but for government. Sadly, and actually, the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare has changed all of that. In its wake, we are a changed Nation.