Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Topped Brown Again

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Mar 31, 2012

 There could not be a more stark contrast between New York Governor and Democrat Andrew Cuomo and California’s Jerry Brown.  In 2011, Cuomo brought reform to New York and did so again in 2012 by getting pension reform passed through his legislature.   Cuomo has become a leader of all New Yorkers and demonstrated that even a Democrat can bring about difficult reforms – even if they do not go as far as I might prefer.  Jerry Brown, on the other hand, has no such ability or ambition.

Del Beccaro Statement on Brown Walking Away From Budget Talks

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Mar 29, 2011

"Governor Brown and the Dems can't have it both ways. They asked for ideas -- and then complained there were too many. They wanted specific budget solutions -- and then complained there were too many details. They shout 'Let the people vote' -- and then refuse to let the people vote on measures that will create jobs and bring permanent reforms to California government. 

"The list that Republican leadership gave the governor, after weeks of discussion, included a number of proposals to which Brown has publicly agreed - but obviously angered the public unions that control our state government. Not coincidentally, Brown, unlike Democrat Andrew Cuomo of New York, is refusing to reduce the state bureaucracy - demonstrating that he values bureaucracy more than essential services. " 

"The fact that the governor has now pulled the plug on any further budget talks says only one thing -- the only immovable object in Sacramento is Jerry Brown."