Tom Del Beccaro's Bio

Thomas Del Beccaro, “The Most Heard Voice in CA Republican Politics,” is the former Chairman of the California Republican Party and a Contributor for Forbes, whose articles also have appeared in places like Investors Business Daily,, The Weekly Standard, Politico, The, the Washington Times, Human Events,  the Sacramento Bee, The Orange County Register, The San Francisco Chronicle, &

Tom is Publisher of, author of The New Conservative Paradigm and frequent talk radio and television commentator. In those roles, Tom is heard by millions on the radio, TV and in person each year. In his multiple roles, Tom is uniquely positioned to hear the pulse of politics all the way from the grass roots to Presidential candidates and legislators in between.

Tom's new book, The Divided Era, will be published in the Fall of 2015.  The Divided Era, using historical perspectives, explains how ever larger government, and the competition for its spoils, is creating a potentially permanent political divide in America today.

According to John Gizzi, White Correspondent for 30+ years, Political Columnist and White House Correspondent, Newsmax: "In the tradition of historians Will and Ariel Durant in "The Story of Civilization," Tom Del Beccaro dramatically relates the ideological and political struggles of earlier eras to the clashes of today.  In bringing to life the incendiary politics of eras such as the Gilded Age--with high voter turnout (80% nationwide in the 1880's), the rise of third parties, and hard-fought presidential elections--Mr. Del Beccaro helps us better understand the negativism of politics today." 

Tom has been an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area for 27 years.

Political Career. Tom is the former Chairman of the California Republican Party and formerly the Vice Chair of the Party, the Republican Party County Chairman of Contra Costa for three terms as well as the former President of all 58 Republican Party County Chairman in California. 

Media Career. Tom is perhaps best known for his frequent talk radio show guest appearances which number over 300 per year across the nation in such diverse places as New York, Alabama, Colorado, North Carolina and more. Tom weekly appears on San Diego’s KCBQ 1170 w/ Mark Larson at 7:35 am, Monterey’s 1460 KION w/ Mark Carbonaro show at 8:35 am, Riverside/San Bernardino’s KTIE 590 News hour and on KTKZ 1380 w/ Eric Hogue. Tom also has regular appearances on SF Bay Area’s 560 KSFO, San Diego's KOGO 600 am, Fresno’s 580 KMJ, and Santa Maria’s AM 1440 among other stations. Tom appears on TV over 160 times per year and is seen from time to time on KTVU (Fox affiliate), KPIX (CBS affiliate including in studio commentary), ABC7, KNTV 11 (NBC affiliate including in studio commentary) and KRON as well as a weekly appearances on The War Room with former Gov. Granholm on Current TV.

Book Career. With the release of his book, The New Conservative Paradigm, Tom was heralded by Mona Charen as a writer that “Not since Newt Gingrich in the 90s has a Republican activist so clearly analyzed what has gone right and wrong for the party and the Conservative movement.” Tom made over 200 book signing appearances for the book. The New Conservative Paradigm is now in its 2nd edition.

Speaking Career. In the last 10 years, Tom has made over 1000 speeches/panel appearances throughout California and beyond including for the San Francisco Commonwealth Club, Western C-PAC, the University of California at Berkeley, an International Trade Association, dozens of conservative and Republican groups and other community groups.

Columnist/Publishing Career. Tom first published the Internet Magazine in 2002 which has featured his weekly column since its inception and has received millions of hits. Tom has written on subjects as diverse as foreign policy and economics, as well as national and state politics. Tom’s is a columnist for and his columns have appeared in places like the Washington Times, Human Events, Investors Business Daily, The Sacramento Bee and The San Francisco Chronicle. They also have been featured in numerous California based websites such as The, The as well as Human Events, and the Washington Times.

Media Comments on Tom Del Beccaro:

Conservative Magazine Human Events on Tom Del Beccaro – “One of the GOP’s most effective communicators.”

London based Economist Magazine: “Republican spines are . . . stiffened by conservative bloggers such as Tom Del Beccaro”

Brian Sussman of Talk Radio’s KSFO in the San Francisco Bay Area on Tom Del Beccaro: “You are the face of Conservatism going forward.”

Comments on The New Conservative Paradigm:

According to syndicated columnist & author Mona Charen: "Not since Newt Gingrich in the 90s has a Republican activist so clearly analyzed what has gone right and wrong for the party and the Conservative movement."

According to author Jack Cashill: “The Roman poet Horace would have admired Tom Del Beccaro’s The New Conservative Paradigm. Where Ronald Reagan embodied the principle in person . . . Del Beccaro captures it in print.”

Mike Villines: "As the Republican Assembly Leader in California, after reading Tom Del Beccaro's "The New Conservative Paradigm," I gave a copy to all of my legislative colleagues in the caucus to read. It was insightful, important and the exact message we all needed to hear."